Who, What, When, Where and Why?

I guess I should start this blog by setting some of the detail straight right? As you may have gathered from the title of this post I’m going to use that old school tool of the 5 W’s. So here goes

well I hope this one is the most obvious. the who would be me and me alone and of course the people I will happen to collide with a long the way. As for myself ordinary person chasing an ambitious dream.

To overland the world on the back of a motorcycle, but not any motorcycle. The bike in question shall be a exAustralia post Honda CT110 or more colloquially know in Australia as a postie bike.

Current projections indicate that cast off in early April of 2017.

The plan is to initially head from my home town of Perth Western Australia towards Darwin, cross into East Timor and keep moving towards Europe at a steady 60km/h and then hopefully cross the North Atlantic and head South from the USA towards Patagonia.

Braggin’ rights? In all seriousness it is to challenge social paradigms, overcome my own trepidations, see the world, push my limits. Also to prove that anyone can motorcycle around the world and you don’t need a hulking BMW cycle to do it.

Love and Mercy,

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