On Planning, Plans and Wingin’ it

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

I currently find myself weary eyed from staring at a computer screen for several hours as I read through countless pages regarding visas, carnets, border crossings, insurance, helmets, equipment, tools, freighting, forums and ceaseless other topics as I try to navigate the quandary which is planning for this journey. It quite honestly is becoming rather exhausting trying to acquire an exhaustive amount of knowledge available on all of the logistical hurdles that could happen along the way.

All the while there is a the voice of a tearaway in the back of my head that says to just “Screw it” and just cast off with an optimistic attitude that everything will sort it’s self out along the way. I have to admit the romantic idea of just throwing planning to the wind and leaving it in the hands of chance is most alluring. I have never been particularly fond of plans; I find that the more rigid people are with a plan the more likely it is that it will all fall apart as soon the excrement hits the fan. This doesn’t even take all the prospective opportunities you could let pass you by because they weren’t accounted for in the plan.

Still in all of my planning I have come to a distinction that planning and plans are actually rather dissimilar than my initial perceptions of such. It happens to me that planning is more research and preparation rather than a ridged agenda of how something should unfold. In fact planning is indispensable in having the ability to deal with obstacles, be malleable to set backs and be confident enough to embrace changes and uncertainties that will surely present themselves on the way.

So I have decided that I will compromise and continue with my planning for all of the practicalities and possibilities I can think of. But nevertheless I will set off on this adventure with the loosest of plans possible and allow experiences and routes to occur organically along the way

Love and Mercy,


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