Postie Bikes and the Intrepid People Who Ride Them.

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to go out riding with a party of bashful fellows on postie bikes and cause a general ruckus! Perth Posties made a show of force with 8 brave riders and some truly unique bikes, including a mean bored out caf’ postie which had been extended.

The ride began pleasantly from Fremantle where I had made a very poor attempt at a mono at the first set of traffic lights (was a close shave and a ‘woo!’ of relief). We continued up the coast where we struck intimidation into a group of hog riders whom were parked on the side of the road.

We continued up the coast on a pleasant cruise by the ocean, I feel we all came to the conclusion that postie bike riders are a unique bunch drawn to such an iconic bike. The ride was an extremely enjoyable experience and was such an amazing opportunity to meet so many likeminded riders. I hope that when I return from my trip there will still be the community will be thriving for more brilliant rides!

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