About Me

12439335_10154595277312818_2688815845205607276_nAbout me? I guess I am an ordinary person with a extraordinary dream; To travel the length and width of the world on my little Honda.

Perthite since birth, I struggled through the last years of high school whilst recovering from adolescent Leukaemia. After leaving school like so many I decided to got to university and get my self educated pushing through several obstacles to achieve my Bachelors of Health, Safety and Environment which I am clearly not putting to good use.

In my final year of university became strongly determined to push my limits and challenge my fears and perceptions. Which ultimately led to me throwing my leg over a motorcycle. Little did I know at the time that I would start an uncontrollable love affair, which would forever change my life.

Early in 2016 I hatched a plan that I’d travel to the USA, buy a Harley and ride the entire country for 3 months or so. Quite frankly that is hardly ridiculous enough of a concept to fit my disposition so the idea began snowballing into escalating into outlandish adventure concepts. Finally I settled on the iconic Honda CT110 postie bike for its simplicity, reliability and affable nature.

Love and Mercy,